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CAVEAT: This is a yet to happen REALITY. Reader discretion advised.

Nigerian Girl Youngest Scientist In The World

Nigerian Girl Youngest Scientist In The World Credit:

Tuesday, March 28, 2028, Nigeria Tomorrow News

By Adunola Macaulay @adunholler


When Dupe Olasupo told her mother she found a possible cure for Vitiligo, her mother thought she was only fantasizing. So, all she could say was “I believe you would someday achieve it.” However, the resolute twelve-year old kept telling her mother she meant she already made the discovery. Soon, it dawned on her that her suspicion of Dupe being a possible record-breaker scientist would become a reality a lot earlier than she had envisaged.

The pre-teenager explained to her mother that she read on the internet about the presence of minerals that could restore melanocytes (melanin cells) in Avado seed of the green species of parpar. Melanin is the pigment lacking in the body of people with the Vitiligo condition.

When her mother insinuated scientists would have produced a drug from parpar if it were true, Dupe said she couldn’t tell why, but could tell the patch on the neck of her friend had started disappearing gradually. Dupe’s friend, Ebube started noticing the patch on her body two years earlier and it has been a grave source of worry to her, her parent and Dupe. Dupe said after reading widely about parpar fruit and was convinced it wasn’t harmful in anyway, she encouraged her friend for them to take the fruit every day. This they had been doing four months before Dupe finally announced her new discovery to her mother. 

The news was received by Dupe’s mother with mixed feelings. She was happy her daughter might have made a discovery, but also scared she could have unknowingly harmed her friend. Consequently, she went on the internet herself to find out about parpar and Avado seed. Her findings revealed that the fruit has no side effect but full of nutrients - Vitamins A, C, D, and several other minerals. 

She said, “When I researched on Avado Seed, there was no report that mentioned the melanin cells or melanocytes my daughter claimed to have found on the internet. I queried her about this and she joined me in the search. After five hours of search, we found no report to buttress her claim about Avado seed. She became a bit confused, but still maintained that it had worked for her friend.

“When I told my husband, he was equally happy but was not fully convinced because the element Dupe claimed she found on the internet was nowhere to be found. Despite this, we decided to pitch it to Ebube’s parent. They are our family friends. So, we met them and told them everything. They checked the patch at the back of Ebube’s neck and were surprised to see that it had almost disappeared. We told them we would give them one week to research on Avado Seed and come back to know their decision. They promised to not disclose it to anyone, lest someone else claimed the discovery. And they fulfilled their promise.”

Dupe, while giving Nigeria Tomorrow News a further account of their experiment, said “One week after, Ebube’s parent agreed to try it out. They agreed to make sure she took the fruit every day. Ebube knew the fruit may or may not work, but she was ready to give it a try. Now the patch on her body we concluded to watch is a bigger one (there are only two on her body); and this one is at the centre of her back. We were checking it every weekend. One month later, we noticed that it had reduced by about 5%, but that was too small for us to claim it had started working. By the end of the fourth month, it had obviously reduced by at least 30%, and the one on her neck had totally disappeared. We were so excited we held a “coded” party to celebrate it. Now, after seven months, it has reduced by about 85% and we thought it was time to tell the world we have discovered the cure for Vitiligo,” she said.

Nigeria Tomorrow News gathered that the president has scheduled a dinner with his family and the families of Dupe and Ebube to honour them, and the girls for their ingenuity and discovery. 

Observers have noted that but for the “cleansing” that have been taking place in government agencies over the past six years, the young lady might have been forced to drop her claim or the discovery might have been stolen from her. However, a professor of dermatology who tried to “play a fast one” on the young scientist got arrested yesterday.

When asked about the melanocytes elements Dupe failed to prove to her was present in Avado seed, Dupe’s mother said she believed her daughter saw what she claimed she saw. She added that “it was God’s simple way of solving the world’s complex problem through my angel. It was no coincidence that she’s been used by God; because she was very diligently searching, and she found. God orchestrated it all.” Dupe also continues to insist she saw melanocyte in a write up the first day she read about Avado Seed. Ebube, Dupe’s friend, said she was not surprised, as Dupe is known as the science genius of their school. 

Medical experts at the University College Hospital (UCH), Ibadan have confirmed that the consumption of parpar truly restores damaged melanocytes. Though certain treatments are available that (partly) restores lost skin colours, there had not been any that offered a lasting solution by restoring melanin into the system of the patient until Dupe’s discovery.

Scientists all over the world have started working on creating drugs from Avado Seed. Majority of them are working here in Nigeria, as globally, 85% parpar are found in Nigeria, and it is difficult to grow in non-tropical regions. 

Dupe still retains the patent of the discovery all over the world - in accordance with World Trade Organization’s Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS) Agreement. She also becomes the youngest scientist ever in history, after beating America’s Josh Gladwin (now 14) by 29 days.


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