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CAVEAT: This is a yet to happen REALITY. Reader discretion advised.

Now that Mr. President may not be dead after all, what happens?

Featured President Buhari with Tinubu and Akande Photo Credit: President Buhari with Tinubu and Akande

With pictures and more confident words to prove their points, the presidency and All Progressive Congress (APC) are beginning to erase the possibility of the president’s death from the minds of Nigerians. So confident they hinted he could return to Nigeria the weekend of February 11th to 12th.


However, Speculations that the president might return to Nigeria this weekend might not come through as indications have emerged that the president’s UK doctors do not want him to leave just yet. Conversely, Buhari’s close friends in the presidency, who are said to be tired of the situation, want Mr. President to return immediately; so they do not lose their power and influence.


It is now becoming clear that the president might be responding to treatment and that the news of his death was actually a rumour.


Another factor that has also become clear to many, including President Buhari himself, is that many Nigerians do not really mean well for him.


It would be recalled that there were jubilations in all regions of the country when the rumour of his death broke out.


A Leader’s Attitude

While this could make any individual really sad and unappreciated (if deserving of appreciation), Mr. President should remember that healthy attitude is what distinguishes a true leader.


The attitudes of Nigerians to the rumour of his death should make the president think deep about his style and priorities. Having perhaps had his life flash before his eyes recently, this could be the time for President Buhari to ask himself the honest question of “How do I wish to be remembered?”


Fate and Nigerians’ desperation have been so fair to him to give him another chance to lead, despite his failure in the 80s. He should make the most of it.


The hardship citizens are going through are enormous, and could have been avoided had the president led with better approach and discretion. We hope he learns some lessons and take actions more strategically and with empathy.


His corruption war has been tainted with favouritism and insincerity. Mr President should retrace his steps to fight this war with sincerity; otherwise, it would all be efforts in futility in no distant time.


The much reported and proven cases of nepotism and favouritism is something the president also need address with sincerity immediately. Otherwise, he would miss this cheap opportunity Nigerians have given him to achieve something worth the while before his time is up.


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