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CAVEAT: This is a yet to happen REALITY. Reader discretion advised.

Now That We've Fumbled Again, What’s next?

Featured Sunday Oliseh Photo Credit: Sunday Oliseh

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Yet again, the Eagles have returned from an unsuccessful outing; and it is already looking like his job might slip off his hands.


As it was with other indigenous coaches, when Oliseh came on board, Nigerians’ hope were rekindled. It did not however take so long for the people to have the first major disappointment. The home-based Super Eagles this past week crashed out of African Nations Champiioship, CHAN Rwanda 2016. But does this mean, like others in the past, Oliseh is not good for the job?


Oliseh claimed his boys were not given their allowances and that he had to spend $4,000 while the players were camping in Pretoria in order for his boys to not suffer malnutrition ahead of their first match in CHAN.


Perhaps, as it is in other sectors, it is actually the system that need be fixed.


Saturday, January 31, 2032

Every sector of a nation is like a body with different parts, and itself a part of the larger body – the nation. The most successful of organizations and nations are those who place so much emphasis on systems engineering and development. It follows that what happens to one part invariably affects the other(s), and in effect, the whole body.


While talking to Nigeria Tomorrow News about his success secrets, Olufemi Adeola, the 33-year-old CEO, whose Firz Technology won the best start up in Africa in a recent survey said “I came to realize that I could not run a global brand without putting systems in place. It is not enough that you come up with a brilliant idea, supported by great government policies that engender economies of scale and investment. If you don’t run an organization that can stand without an individual, it cannot see the test of time. The competition is stiff. Great ideas are being developed almost every day in different parts of the country. If we don’t engineer a sustainable organization, we will lose it all.”


Studies have also shown that the field of (Organizational) Systems Development is gaining popularity amongst young professionals across the globe. It is reported to have gained an average of 300% increase in lucrativeness within a decade, as many African nations have come to see the need for systems development in their organizations and nations.


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