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CAVEAT: This is a yet to happen REALITY. Reader discretion advised.

Dasukigate: How it Always Happens

Featured Sambo Dasuki Photo Credit: Sambo Dasuki

Sunday, December 20, 2015


The recent revelations from the Dasukigate case shows just a little of how bad things have been in the country for decades. One would have thought that people in their right minds, who are very well informed would, at least, have a logical reasoning for not steal the huge sums been reported. But the question is, are we in our right minds?


Pointing accusing fingers and yelling at the accused is like scratching the surface of Nigeria’s problems. There are millions of such people who will never be caught until they are out of a government’s good books. Does it mean a fight against corruption will not “serve as a deterrent to others” – as we always say? Not exactly. But this is not the first time we see a government fight corruption; yet corruption continues to wax stronger.


Corruption is way beyond certain individuals. It runs in a system. Millions of Nigerians practically live off of it. If there are no clear strategies to go past this punitive moves, to engineer a new national perspective, we are again going round the same circle.


Everything – corruption or altruism – is first within, then without. Have civil servants not been underpaid for decades in order to make them the corruption slaves to the corruption masters? Is the government using the media for politicking or to teach our young ones how to lead honest lives? Are we practically incorporating teachings on principles of integrity in our schools’ curricula? Positive reinforcement will always outperform punishment. A government can build roads, rails and skyscrapers all it wants, but if it cannot build the people’s minds, it only plays to the gallery, and fails.


Monday, December 20, 2021

The words of Nigeria’s newly sworn-in president reverberate in the minds of many Nigerians as a new definition of blatant truth. Unlike many of his predecessor, the new leader mince no words in declaring that the fight against corruption has to be “wiser, proactive and more strategic.”


“Man is naturally wired to fight for survival when his life is threatened. Most Nigerians live in this position for decades. Only a wicked leader spends the bulk of his time and resources fighting corruption when indeed the root cause of corruption is left unattended to. Ironically, the bulk of the people that get “truly condemned” are themselves victims of corruption. What is the sense in “fighting corruption” when the loss of certain corrupt individuals is the gain of stronger corrupt ones – thereby making them, and in effect, corruption, more powerful?


“I refuse to accept that Nigerians are corrupt-minded as they make it look. Oh yes, I agree corruption is still a problem; but why should a government deliberately make corruption the first alternative, only to start sniffing for offenders.


“Am I saying corruption should be condoned? Of course, you know too well, that is not me. What I say is that this government will spend the better part of its time empowering and showing its people – through best education and reorientation - how to succeed legitimately. Then we must have won the larger part of our war against corruption. Corruption is best fought when citizens first do the fighting in their offices and shops. This is our approach,” said Nigeria’s new president.



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