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CAVEAT: This is a yet to happen REALITY. Reader discretion advised.

Buhari's Lopsided Appointments and Nigerians' Hypocrisy

Featured Late Justina Ejelonu Photo Credit: Late Justina Ejelonu

Saturday, August 29, 2015


On Thursday, President Buhari again appointed a new set of officials to head key positions in his government. This takes his appointments so far to 30, with only 7 coming from the south and the rest from the north. One of the fears some Nigerians have had since pre-election time about Buhari is his tendency for tribal and religious sentiments. With this lopsided appointmenst so far made, he seems to be proving his critics right.


It is however more unfortunate and disturbing that some Nigerians have decided to not see the evil in Buhari’s approach. They have attached so much sentiment to very delicate issues because of anger and or pride.



As smart as these Nigerians are, they have decided to forget at this time that the outcome is as important as the means of achieving it (if at all achieved), else its sustainability would be threatened.


All the major tragedies that have ever befallen Nigeria have their roots, not in corruption, but in (perceived) “marginalization.” Need we be reminded that the coups d’etat that laid the foundation for the disregard of laws, and corruption were as a result of grudges triggered by (perceived) marginalization? What about the OPC militancy, Niger Delta militancy, and even Boko Haram terrorism? We have forgotten so soon that Nigeria lost millions of souls during the civil war because of marginalization.


It is rather unwise to think or say that Buhari’s lopsidedness in his appointments is inconsequential. We would only be going round the circle if we continue this way.



…August 2029: The impact of trust and cooperation in nation building cannot be overemphasized. There has never been such a time as this in the history of the country where a president’s action is viewed by all as completely void of tribal sentiment.


One two different occasions, President Adasu have sacked officials from his state, Benue, and have replaced them with people from other regions.


According to him, “Yes, competence is our top priority, but it would be hypocritical of us to say that it is only people of a particular ethnicity that have the competence. Nigeria is blessed with so much brains we don’t even have enough responsibilities for them all.


One of his most profound acts was his acknowledgement of the ill treatments that have been meted on the Igbos for years. His visit to Enugu with an array of traditional leaders to apologize to the people was one action that melted the heart of many Biafra loyalists. Coming from a man whose tribe has also been marginalized, the Igbos received his gesture with so much appreciation and understanding.


This has resulted in the emergence of a new culture of openness and trust amongst Nigerians. The Ministry of Labour and Productivity last week reported that the Federal Civil Service productivity increased by 11.1% in the last one year, and according to the Minister of Labour and Productivity, “This is a direct result of the new culture of trust and cooperation in the service. There is little or no accusation of Hausanization or tribalization again. And now, workers get rewarded or promoted based in merit.


Wednesday, August 29, 2029


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