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CAVEAT: This is a yet to happen REALITY. Reader discretion advised.

Reps Show of Shame and the Fall of Titans

Featured Reps Show of Shame and the Fall of Titans Photo Credit:

Saturday, June 27, 2015


The show of shame displayed at the chamber of the house of representative by Nigeria’s supposed leaders has been a major source of disappointment to hopeful Nigerians. On Thursday, June 25, the house of representative members threw caution to the wind when a free-for-all fight broke out in their chamber over jostles for who to become the principal office holders of the various (“juicy”) sub-committees.


The legislators have shown Nigerians that they are there, not for the interest of the people, but for their own selfish interests.


The problems rocking the house of representative and, indeed, the senate cannot be disconnected from the politics that brought in the senate president, Bukola Saraki, and the house speaker, Yakubu Dogara. Both were not chosen candidates of their ruling APC party but attained their positions with the help of PDP.


Nigerians voted in hope of change in the national assembly, but the hope seem to be sliding away faster than mavericks had envisaged.


…Though it took about two decades to flush out the major destructive elements of both PDP and APC, the goal was achieved. The 2023 general election was the most phenomenal in the history of Nigeria. It saw the exit of many powerful politicians from the major political parties, and the emergence of altruistic politicians from small parties.


In his assessment of how far Nigeria has come, Prof. Adekunle Adebiyi, the renowned professor of Social Psychology said, “Nigerians came to realize that gunning for preferable devil has never and will never bring the needed transformation. We forget that the democracy we have was once the messiah we thought we needed, and that at that time, it was more or less a curse rather than a blessing.


“But where did Nigeria get this right? Education! Education and agriculture. Go and check the records, the states that invested so heavily in education and agriculture are the ones producing the heroes that are impacting this nation today in all the arms of government.”


“The destruction of our education was a carefully designed strategy by the selfish political class to put Nigerians in darkness and poverty. States that paid more attention to this intangible, rather than roads, are the ones that have saved this nation. Otherwise, Nigerians would have perhaps been the poorest people in the world today.”


Unlike before, legislators now serve part-time and are required to show proof of engagement in the profession they claim they practice - while serving as legislators. 




Friday, June 27, 2025


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