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CAVEAT: This is a yet to happen REALITY. Reader discretion advised.

APC NASS Election Loss: Who the Traitors are

Featured APC NASS Election Loss: Who the Traitors are Photo Credit:

Saturday, June 13, 2015


The leadership of the national assembly was this past week decided by the opposition People’s Democratic Party (PDP.) While some have blamed the loss by the ruling All Progressive Congress (APC,) on its poor preparation, despite the ample period it had to plan, some others blame it on betrayal by some members of the party - especially the candidates who emerged winners in the elections.


However, the outcome brings to mind one of the pertinent questions raised before the general elections: is a party defined by its slogan or by the people that make up the party? The APC was formed by people from different parties - including key players from PDP - yet it claimed it was unlike them.


The outcome of the National Assembly elections suggests that the APC was never what Nigerians took it to be. Rather it is a perhaps a group infested with individual and collective selfishness. Was APC betrayed by its own? Maybe not. The party (and of course PDP) was not - in reality - founded on the values of loyalty and integrity. The party use members for selfish gains as much as members use the party for selfish gains. So, members have never actually felt totally obliged to be loyal to the party. Parties (’ big boys) tend to “dump” a member as much as the member tend to “dump” the parties after common gains have been achieved.


…conversely, the emergence of KOWA as the ruling party was primarily as a result of the trust it has earned and not because of the unpopularity of APC. In the 2015 elections, Nigerians were cajoled by the “progressive” and “change” mantra of APC. It did not take so long before things started to fall apart. Within three years, two different blocks left the party. As expected, they started releasing indicting information about the corrupt dealings of APC party leaders. This led to the arrest and sentencing of Tinubu and Atiku.


Since the disappointment of APC, Nigerians have become more objective in their assessment of political parties. As Prof Bonyo puts it, “APC is no different from PDP. They just have a different approach. The bigger problem is, they are smarter thieves than PDP and are more difficult to check by our overly emotional, self-centred and gullible Nigerian electorate.


“We settled for APC as a protest against another parasite [PDP]. We forgot that sometime ago, democracy itself was the messiah we clamoured for; but how much of a messiah has it been for us? 


The electorate have obviously learnt some lessons; and that is why a party like KOWA could win, despite its low publicities.




Sunday, June 13, 2027


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