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CAVEAT: This is a yet to happen REALITY. Reader discretion advised.

OPC Lagos Rally and the Vulnerability of the Electorate

Featured OPC Lagos Rally and the Vulnerability of the Electorate Credit:

March 21, 20..




Earlier in the week, the Odua People’s Congress (OPC) held a protest in Lagos, calling for the sack of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) chairman, Prof Attahiru Jega. As expected, some of the supporters of APC or Gen Buhari (GMB) voiced out their disgust, while those of President Jonathan (GEJ) or PDP defended the (grounds of) OPC.


The question to ask the GEJist is “Why should we condone the unruly activities of some weapon-brandishing men because of a candidate?” and to the GMBist, “Are the facts put out by OPC genuine, and should they not call for serious concern in our electoral process?”


The build-up to 2015 elections has so far tested the intelligence and objectivity of the educated Nigerians. Many supposedly intelligent young Nigerians have made rather not so intelligent statements like “GEJ is the best president in the history of Nigeria,” “Mr President is smarted…because he has a doctorate degree,” “it is irrelevant for Buhari to present his certificate since he already rose to the position of a general in the miliitary,” “Buhari can never be compromised even if he is surrounded by corrupt politicians,” etc. 


It is equally unfortunate that the electorate - especially the youths - often rashly discard claims from the opposing groups and tag them lies without critical analysis, even when the facts are provided.


Does it mean Nigerians - especially the youths - can no longer critically dissect issues? No. Rather, due to emotions, Nigerians have become susceptible politicians’ propagandas or have voluntarily become gullible in reaction to the current circumstances.


Support for either President Jonathan or General Buhari is largely emotional - though Nigerians do not want to accept it or are even unaware of it.


Deep down the minds of most of these supporters, they do not entirely believe in their candidate. Rather, their candidate in just the preferable one of the two mediocre candidates. While most GEJists want him elected because they do not trust the person of GMB to lead peacefully without tribal and religious sentiments, those supporting GMB do so largely because they cannot withstand another four years of poor and corrupt leadership.


…Yesterday, March 20, 2047, Mrs Abagail Akwanga, the presidential candidate of NNP was declared winner of the 2047 presidential election. Two month ago, no one could have thought that NNP would emerge victorious in a presidential election. Although it presented a credible candidate, the victory could be more attributed to the new standards of accountability Nigerian electorate have set for politicians. 


Nigerians have come to agree that voting a politician into office because they do not want another only adjourns the day of reckoning….So, when the different scandals of the two adjudged strongest candidates emerged, Nigerians did not hesitate to swiftly get an alternative. This alternative they found in an equally viable and even more qualified candidate, Abagail Akwanga.


While the cliché that all politicians are the same is almost completely true, Nigerians have come to realize that they have the power to set the standard of the uniformity to which politicians will conform.   




Thursday, March 21, 2047


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