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CAVEAT: This is a yet to happen REALITY. Reader discretion advised.

#SaveMayowa: The Media and the Money

#SaveMayowa: The Media and the Money Photo Credit:

The #SaveMayowa campaign became popular a few weeks back and was generously accepted by many Nigerians. It is a campaign to save the life of a young lady who is suffering from Ovarian Cancer.


Just while the campaign was about to come to an end, it was alleged that it was actually a “scam.” This allegation was made by Nigeria’s infamous blogger, Linda Ikeji, who is reputed for profiting out of – sometimes fabricated – people’s misfortunes.


The blogger claimed to have found out that Mayowa’s illness was beyond treatment (according to LUTH doctors); therefore, the family scammed Nigerians. She arrived at her conclusion without the decency of reaching out to the family to hear their own side of the story.


Even though Nigerian doctors claimed her case was beyond redemption anywhere in the world, it was still unwise and wicked to tag it a scam. It is a fact that Mayowa is sick; and any loving family would do all in their power to see their loved one healed – no matter the opinion of LUTH doctors. Unfortunately, Linda Ikeji cares more about making more money, even if it means sending Mayowa to her early grave.


Facts of correspondences with Emory International (Hospital) have subsequently emerged to show that the family is truly planning on taking Mayowa to USA for treatment.


The Power of the Media and the Need for Regulations 

With great power comes great responsibility! The media is a powerful part of a nation. So powerful it gave the APC its victory in the last election. Any player in the industry is an opinion shaper whose work can make or mar a whole nation. It is with this sense of responsibility that work need be done in this sector, and regulations established and enforced.


It is so ironic that players (some of whom are accidental electronic journalists) advocate for free speech to keep the public enlightened and empowered, yet end up being the ones subjugating the masses with wrong information and manipulations.


The level of influence of the media in any society is massive. They shape the mind of the people, and of course of the future of a nation.


Well-meaning Nigerians are now torn between the risk of putting the urgent need to regulate the sector in the hands of corrupt politicians and that of putting up with indecent and destructive journalism. 


When journalism is done the way Linda Ikeji and the likes do it, we know the nation is heading the wrong way. Hence, the need for urgent action. 


While we sure cannot trust this current crop of politicians with such reform, this is a clarion call on some creative and visionary Nigerians to start working on getting journalism into good shape in Nigeria – for the sake of Nigeria’s survival and prosperity.


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