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CAVEAT: This is a yet to happen REALITY. Reader discretion advised.

Nigeria Tomorrow Celebrates Its 1st with Harris

Featured Nigeria Tomorrow Celebrates Its 1st with Harris

Monday, January 4, 2016

By Korede Oludiran


Hurray!!! It is Nigeria Tomorrow News’ first anniversary today. It excites us to know that it has been an insightful experience for our readers within and outside Nigeria.


When I thought of this idea, I never knew it would have gained so much support within a year. I have you all to thank for this – for your visit to our website, your feedbacks, and your advice.


The reason behind this futuristic news about Nigeria is simple: to create the beautiful future of Nigeria. Everything good or bad first happens in the mind before it becomes a reality. Our minds are the preparation grounds for our future - and that is a principle of life. But when this mind is being frequently abused and littered with negative news through what we read, see, hear and feel, it reproduces negative outputs, or at best, becomes hopeless, discouraged and dormant.


However, even in seemingly hopeless situations, there is still a kind of Nigeria we honestly desire. That desire is what Nigeria Tomorrow News seeks to feed and nurture. Nothing on earth  ever happens,without someone imagining it first. From the Wright Brothers, to Albert Einstein, to Mark Zuckerberg, every human creative achievement was once “impossible,” “unreasonable,” and “a total waste of time.” As it is for individuals, so it is for a nation. Therefore, any nation that is serious about development tells herself some beautiful lies.


We do this not only for our readers to remain positive about Nigeria, but also for them to dig deep into their imaginative self and catch new ideas – business, technological, political, social, educational, etc – so as to make us all, individually empowered and productive to create the beautiful future of Nigeria.


We are glad to inform you that we have a new product for you starting this first quarter. It is our “Tomorrow’s Today” section. It will feature reports of current happenings which are positive around the globe and mostly about Nigeria. So, to know everything good happening about Nigeria, our Tomorrow’s Today section is the place to visit.


Friday, January 5, 2029

The story of Nigeria Tomorrow is one that inspires every Nigerian. Present at yesterday’s Presidential New Year’s dinner was Korede Oludiran, the Editor-in-Chief of Nigeria Tomorrow News; and seated at the same table with him were Francis Okechukwu, Toke Baruwa, Gov. Abe Kaidi and Priscilia Bulus, the convener of Physically Challenged, Mentally Proficient.


At the event, President Steve Harris took some time out to commend Nigeria Tomorrow. “We thank Oludiran for his innovative idea and how it has impacted our nation. Sitting opposite him is a man we all know – Francis Okechukwu. What we may not know about him is that he was inspired by one of Oludiran’s articles Though his success is not exactly as it was painted in the report, he got his inspiration from it; and we all celebrate him today. Also on the same table is Toke Baruwa whose discovery we all know was inspired by a report on Vitiligo cure ; and of course, Gov. Kaidi whose political ideology,as he often mentions, has been influenced by a report on Nigerians’ tenacity Then we have Mrs Bulus whose inspiration simply came from just these four words on a January 4, 2016 report – ‘Physically Challenged, Mentally Proficient.’


“These are just a few of the hundreds of thousands who have been directly impacted by Nigeria Tomorrow News. I would like to encourage Oludiran and his team to continue to dream Nigeria. We can never dream enough” enthused President Steve Harris.


Korede Oludiran is the CEO of Prescience Strategy & Consulting Ltd, and the Editor-in-Chief of Nigeria Tomorrow News. He is a visionary, strategist and project manager. He tweets from @KoredeOludiran

You can follow us on Twitter @ngtomorrow




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