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CAVEAT: This is a yet to happen REALITY. Reader discretion advised.

Global Attacks, Implications, and the Role Nigeria Must Play

Featured Global Attacks, Implications, and the Role Nigeria Must Play Photo Credit:


Sunday, December 6, 2015




Any true student of history is by now certain that it is a tipping point in world history. When phenomena like agitations and attacks are globally ubiquitous and frequent, they are signs of a new phase in history.




The increase in the rate of terrorist and gun attacks in 2015 have been alarming. The year, though not over, has already recorded the highest number of such attacks in human history. It would be recalled that the Pope, while speaking on the November 13 Paris attack, called it “a piece” of the “piecemeal Third World War."




The tentacles of ISIS and other terrorist organizations are penetrating nations by proxy. The strategy has moved from these organizations planning on attacking a city or country, to inspiring individuals to independently plan and carry out attacks in different parts of the world. It is now a case of global spread of a somewhat invisible war.




It seems every strategy of the world powers to curtail the spread of terrorism ends up in residual or secondary evils that make terrorists appear untamable.




Tuesday, December 6, 2061


Following what almost resulted in a World War III in 2020, many nations of the world now have rationalizations for their nuclear weapon programmes.




Like many other African countries, Nigeria was nowhere to be found among world nuclear powers. Due to the impending threats in 2030s, some citizens pushed for the government to start its own nuclear programme, but no president agreed to the move.




Instead of investing in this, the Nigerian government decided to invest in computer security and hacking. All of the nuclear programmes and every form of modern day mass weaponry requires computer operations. This is Nigeria’s weapon.




According to Time, “Nigeria now has the best protected IT infrastructures and the best of hackers in the world.” It has become obvious that while the world was busy secretly building weapons of mass destruction, Nigeria was planning on how to control the weapons.  On two occasions (2045 and 2053), French fighter jets were spotted around the border of Nigeria and Benin Republic, and the pilot control were overridden by Nigeria and sent back to France. The first incident saw France ranting, but by the second time, they already knew Nigeria had become too powerful for France to bully as she did (does) her francophone countries.




There have been outcries from the USA, Germany and Russia, but because of the new distribution of international powers post-2020 crisis, it has not been so easy. Other nations are quick to point the accusing fingers back at them when threats of sanctions are dashed out.




Nigeria has indeed “become a terror,” not because of its weapon but because of its excellent abilities to disarm and/or take over weapons of mass destruction anywhere in the world.






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