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CAVEAT: This is a yet to happen REALITY. Reader discretion advised.

Sugabelly: We Must Ensure This Evil act is Punished - Women Affairs Min.

Featured Sugabelly: We Must Ensure This Evil act is Punished - Women Affairs Min. Photo Credit:

Saturday, November 28, 2015


The Nigerian Twitter has been flooded this past week with the Sugabelly story. It is about the accusation of rape levied against the children of former Kogi State governor, Late Abubakar Audu, their friends and family members.


The story became popular following the publicity of a report by a young lady, who goes by the name Sugabelly on Twitter, by Nigerian media. Though Sugabelly had written about her ordeal severally before now, the news never caught the interest of the media until the death of Abubakar Audu last Sunday, November 22.


She published an article where she allege that she was not only raped by the Audus but also blackmailed with threat to release the nude images of her recorded during different incidents of rape. At that time, she was only 17, foolishly in love (or lust) with Mustapha Audu, and too scared of what might happen to her if she dared the power that be.


While it is possible for someone to cook up a story like this, the story, as narrated by Sugabelly, is believable. It is an open secret that politicians and their wards maim, molest and tread upon the rest of the society. So, such is truly not impossible – especially in this clime where the law enforcement agents turn the story against rape victims 99% of the time.


A week has gone since this news was made popular, but not one of the accused, whose names were spelt out by Sugabelly, has made any public statement about the allegations. This somewhat gives some credence to her story.


Saturday, November 28, 2020

Nigerian rapists are indeed “reaping the fruit of their labour.” Up until 2015, there were only 18 convictions of rape in Nigeria, despite the over 210,000 complaints received annually, not to mention the estimated 2,000,000 cases not reported at all.


The rapists thought they had escaped the wrath of the law, but recent happenings have cleared their delusions. Initiated by the President himself, all old cases of rape are being revisited, and proceedings have been principally by polygraphs. After 20 rapists were sentenced to 24 years in prison the first week of September, the following week recorded 255 cases of rapists pleading guilty and/or begging for settlement outside of court.


Last month alone, 250 rapist bagged different imprisonment times, ranging from 20 to 50 years. It is quite impressive that Nigerians have become a lot reasonable in their perspective to rape cases. According to a recent survey, stigmatization has dropped by 30% the last 4 years. Just last year, a son to one of the most respected pastors got married to a Bimpe Haruna, a lady whose rape case was all over the media for over 6 months.


According to the Minister of Women Affairs, “Yes, we must ensure that this evil act is punished; but that is not our main focus. Parents and guardians have a lot of roles to play here. Our sons need be well informed about their sexuality. Some of them did it even without knowing they were raping. Unfortunately, ignorance is no excuse before the law.


“Our girls also need be well brought up. Sometimes, the victim could tell that the people they are going out with have the tendency for such evil act, yet they continued.”


She also blamed the menace on the erosion of values we once held dear. “Our young women and men now do things way beyond their level - all in the name of civilization. This is not who were are. We cannot continue to westernize our brains to the point of destruction. Why should we imbibe the culture they are already regretting themselves? It is high time we sat up and brought up our children properly – even scold them hard when the need arise. Having breast or pubic hair does not make anyone an adult. As teenagers, they are still our kids, and they need be guided.



Yes, our parents were too harsh on us, but that does not justify our being negligent of our responsibilities as parents. It is destroying us. There must be limits to this so called freedom we give our children. They need us to guide them – most especially in this computer age where negative influence spread at the speed of light” said Mrs Kwando Umeh at a press briefing held following the 35-year imprisonment judgment slammed on Mustapha Audu.

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