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CAVEAT: This is a yet to happen REALITY. Reader discretion advised.

Biafra: Do We Ever Learn from History?

Featured Flag of Biafra Photo Credit: Flag of Biafra


Saturday, October 24, 2015

If there is a people who rarely learn from history, such a people are Nigerians! But how do we even learn from history when it is only the surface – which is often deliberately distorted – that is scratched in our schools?


At the root of our recurrent blunders are the attributes of selfishness, egocentrism, and, if you like, folly.


Before militancy began in the south-south, the people of the region were considered unlearned and(, therefore,) too weak to hold “the giant of Africa” at ransom. When it did start, we never took it so serious until it began to significantly affect our access to “moiley.” How selfish!


When Boko Haram started, we acted like it was no big deal; we said the “illiterate dumb heads” who were only a handful would be dealt with by our armed forces. It did not take us so long to realize we were wrong.


Now, there is a big (if not the biggest ever) threat; and that is Biafra. Unfortunately, what we mostly do is show/feign indifference or “blame” pro-Biafrans.


News Splash: Pro-Biafrans are not just a bunch of touts. They are more in number than South-south militants and Boko Haram insurgents put together. They are educated, rich, and reputable for doggedness. We can do the Math. But why should we make this same mistake again?


We spend most of our time “blaming” deviants or the government. We rarely seek to understand their biases, nor recognize their potentials before. We play the ostrich. We blame…because we want to exonerate our tribe or region; because we are selfish.


It is worthy of note that our different social media comments, group discussions, and newspaper stand arguments get to our leaders, and they sure influence their decision-making.

Thursday, October 24, 2030

After so much pacifications, persuasion and apologies…the referendum (exclusively conducted in the east) for the secession of Biafra held last week, and the last batch of results collated have revealed that Biafrans will decide to remain with Nigeria provided the entity would be administered by regional governance.


This came at a time the clamour for regional governance and true federalism has gained massive support from all regions. Apparently, this is the only way for Nigeria’s continuous existence to be secured…


The Biafra secession agitation did not only reveal the truth about the deprivations the group have suffered for decades, it also opened the eyes of Nigerians, especially the younger generations, to the many secrets relating to the ill-treatment minority tribes in the country have been subjected to since inception.


It goes without saying that humans of all races need to be respected and loved; and the Igbos are no exceptions. The empathy and support shown Biafrans from all regions is undoubtedly the reason why the nation is not in ruins at the moment.


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1 comment

  • Dickson
    Dickson Tuesday, 27 October 2015 15:31 Comment Link

    Biafra or we all die northing more northing less, the truth hasbeen revealed

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