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CAVEAT: This is a yet to happen REALITY. Reader discretion advised.

Oliseh,Enyeama Row and Nigerians' Blame Culture

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Sunday, October 11, 2015

The row between the Super Eagles coach and Nigeria (ex-)international Vincent Enyeama has attracted mix-reactions from many sport enthusiasts and Nigerians in general. While some blame Enyeama for insubordination and arrogance, others blame Oliseh for poor leadership.


Unfortunately, all we mostly do is “blame.” Blaming is perhaps the most potent skill of Nigerians when it comes to sport and politics. We rarely take out time to properly dissect issues, analyze the different accounts, read between the lines, and make objective inferences.


Anyone who listened to or read the accounts of the two objectively would agree that they both were emotional. Enyeama, in one of the interviews he granted, said, (i) he got to camp on Tuesday, (ii) the team didn’t play well, (iii) the coach gave a talk on the poor performance during dinner; (iv) after which he wanted to talk but was refused the chance by Oliseh; (v) then he insisted on making his complaint known, and he did. It was about his captaincy.


Alas! This was exactly Oliseh’s account, except that Oliseh did not outrightly stay that he relieved Vincent of his captaincy as Vincent claimed, but that Musa had been the scribe of the team since the camp started (but didn’t relieve him of the duty after Enyeama’s arrival - at that emotional dinner). We can plot the graph…


Perhaps Oliseh could have found a way of engaging Enyeama before the dinner – if that could make a difference, but raising questions on personal issues at a time the team was performing poorly was not the best attitude from Enyeama.


More baffling is the rash attitude of Nigerians – most of whom were not there when it all happened – to this…


Saturday, October 11, 2031

The recent change in the disposition of electorate in Nigeria might have been influenced by the statement of the immediate past SFG, “Our gullibility, and hastiness in condemning any small thief to the benefit of the big thieves are what give the most corrupt officials the audacity to approach us four years after their tenure to preach to us about a corruption-free society. If we do not outrightly stand for something, we will fall for everything.”


Hence, wisdom is fast replacing emotions in the assessments of economic and political matters by Nigerian electorate. The last general elections is a proof of the notion that Nigerians not only assess a candidate’s proficiency and integrity in one area, but all – including those of the candidate’s allies. Recent happenings have proven that a little blemish in a very critical area could destroy the entirety of the good intentions of a leader.


It is indeed a dawn of a new era. “Politicians” are being gradually replaced by “true leaders.”



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