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CAVEAT: This is a yet to happen REALITY. Reader discretion advised.

Imminent Danger! Risk of Playing Ostrich with Biafra

Featured Members of the Indigenous People of Biafra at a rallly in Berlin Photo Credit: Members of the Indigenous People of Biafra at a rallly in Berlin

Saturday, September 19, 2015


One critical current affair of our existence as a nation, about which most of us are ignorant or playing the ostrich, is that of Biafra. The cry for the institution of the Biafra nation has been loudest in recent times more than ever since the end of the civil war. Whether we think the demand is plausible or not, this possess very potent danger to the peace and continuous existence of the Nigerian entity.


Though not adequately reported, the activities of Biafrans – both within and outside the country have increased dramatically, and the movement is fast gaining support and sympathy from many enlightened Igbos.


The Igbos have been severally accused by other tribes of wanting to break the nation apart. Yet, the Biafra crusaders are so determined on secession; why?


Have Igbos been treated unfairly by other (major) tribes? Yes. Is a display of unfriendly traits towards other tribes peculiar to Igbos? No.


Therefore, no (major) tribe in Nigeria can put itself in the position of a moral judge in the ways we have related inter-tribally. Hence, the argument that the Igbos are being selfish about their decision to break out is – ironically - in itself, selfish.


It is easy for us non-Igbos to discard their marginalization claims as bogus because we find it hard to empathize. We are not the ones who (or whose parents) lost their fortune due to a vindictive government policy. We are not the ones who lost our loves ones and bread winners. We are not the ones whose properties were taken over and had to start from ground zero. We are not the ones who get shoved aside when it is time to choose the next leader. These are verifiable facts that the elite do not like us to talk about, and/or we have become hypocritical about. Our conscious efforts to downplay the pains of Igbos is a salt on their injury.


It is unfortunate that even the government of the day might not be doing enough. It is even argued by some that the government is deliberately fueling the Biafran spirit by the president’s actions and comments which have revealed his bias against Igbos.


Friday, September 19, 2025

After so much pandemonium…the referendum (exclusively conducted in the east) for the secession of Biafra held last week, and the last batch of results collated have revealed that it went in favour of Nigeria.


The campaigns for support by the Nigerian government and Biafra leaders revealed how humble, empathetic, yet firm a government could be to its people. President Adasu’s genuine selflessness was a major factor that ignited hope in the hearts of many Igbos, and that has kept the nation at peace and together.


The Biafra secession agitation did not only reveal the truth about the deprivations the group have suffered for decades, it also opened the eyes of Nigerians, especially the younger generations, to the many secrets relating to the ill-treatment minority tribes in the country have been subjected to since inception.


It exposed the fact that we had been sitting on gun powder for decades, as every single minority group had some hidden agenda of causing unrest in the nation in order to get them out of many years of marginalization.


It is indeed a breath of fresh air following the earning of the trust of the marginalized groups. The nation can now concentrate on sustaining its reputation as the most desirable nation in the world.




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