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CAVEAT: This is a yet to happen REALITY. Reader discretion advised.

Women's Right: Nigeria Celebrates Her Women's Resourcefulness

Featured Women's Right: Nigeria Celebrates Her Women's Resourcefulness Photo Credit:


Wednesday, April 4, 2040




The historical experience of Nigerian women, like many other African women, had been that of physical and psychological suppression – attributable to men’s ignorance, insensitivity and share selfishness.



This has reflected in every area of our lives. But for men’s ego and insensitive Darwinian mentality, women’s hormonal, physical, emotional and intellectual needs and capabilities would have been more considered in policy formulations in the country.



Despite historic and contemporary statistics across the globe proving that the wealth of a nation is directly proportional to the degree of investments made, and responsibilities placed on its females, Nigerian leaders (government and traditional) did not do enough to engage our women to save our land.



Has the saying goes, “everything rises and falls on leadership.” The early 2020s ushered in a new era of respect for the rights and resourcefulness of Nigerian women.



The government was very clear on its strategy: education by persuasion, amendment/enforcement of labour laws, and the prosecution of powerful and wealthy women molesters.



Girl child education got a big boost when in 2019 parents, especially in the northern part of the country, were given incentives to register their children in schools. The financial incentives given on female children are always 200% more than incentives given on male children.



The Ministry of Labour now take very seriously allegations relating to gender discrimination on the job. Mrs. Iyabo Alape’s legal victory over GTDank is a case in point. Following Alape’s complaint, The Ministry of Labour sent its Audit and Accountability team to examine the reasons behind her employers’ failure to send her on trainings regularly. It was discovered that despite having gone on maternity leaves twice in a space of five years, she had contributed sixth best amongst twenty workers - in her department. Ironically, fifteen workers in the department have been sent on at least six training courses, while Alape had only been sent on two.



The case had the Ministry of Labour and Mrs. Alape as the complainants. The court ruled that her employers pay her a sum of N80M in damages.



In a similar occurrence, a former senator, Ahmed Yerima, was last week sentenced to 10 years in prison for charges bothering on rape and or sexual intercourse with minors. He was also ordered to pay N160.5M in damages to the families of five teenage girls.



There has since been some psychological paradigm shift in both male and female as regards the responsibilities of women in the family and the society at large. This has resulted in many Nigerian women rising to leadership positions in business and politics.



Nigeria now boasts of five females as governors, and three females as founders of three fortune 500 companies – one being Nigeria’s leading employer of labour.




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