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CAVEAT: This is a yet to happen REALITY. Reader discretion advised.

Sam Adeyemi Stuns World Leaders at Global Leadership Summit

Featured Sam Adeyemi Stuns World Leaders at Global Leadership Summit Photo Credit:

Saturday, August 15, 2015


The Senior Pastor of Daystar Christian Centre, Pastor Sam Adeyemi was outstanding last week when he tutored world Christian leaders in leadership at the just-concluded Global Leadership Summit organized by Willow Creek Community Church, USA.


He spoke on the topic, “Crushing the Power Gap.” With his story-telling skills and divine deep knowledge of the subject matter, Pastor Sam presented leadership to his audience from a perspective most never saw it before. It was so profound his speech was often interrupted by cheers and standing ovations. He said “Shepherds feed sheep, they don’t give birth to sheep. Sheep multiply sheep.” Therefore the job of a leader is to enrich his followers, then give them authority. He added that a common trap most Christian leaders put themselves in is the notion that they are the only ones who can do what they do.



Other profound statements he made were “The Focus of Christ’s leadership was not His own success but the success of His followers;” and “You will not find the definition of success until you help other people succeed.”


To some, perhaps only a few, it was a case of an African being given an opportunity by the organizers, to grow his ministry. But Pastor Sam took such by surprise with his deep wisdom, which shattered their wrong perception of Nigeria.



…August 2045: the course of history was decisively changed yesterday following the presentation of Nigeria’s technopreneur, Chinedu Eze at the G14 conference. Eze proved to world leaders that any move to support the campaign to give (so much) legal rights to non-biological bodies would be suicidal.


As expected, his claims were received with a level of skepticism. But by the time he was done with his empirical data analysis and projections, the audience were up in standing ovation.


His theory is a result of a just-concluded research carried out by him and two former post-graduate students of the University of Ibadan. Eze had volunteered to present their findings to G14 in 2040 but was turned down. Surprisingly, his request was granted one month to this year’s conference.


According to Chinesse President, Yao Win Chau, “we organized this summit so we could analyze and reanalyze the decisions we are going to make. Non-bio matters are very dicey and involves so much risk, notwithstanding the cautiousness of each nation to protect itself.


“I believe some nations now see that they had not done enough to protect themselves even though they thought the strategy proposed by Prof. Issagay puts them at an edge.

We all are going back to the drawing boards to develop sustainable strategies for the future of our world,” said President Yao Win Chau.


While it is true that some could use non-bios against humanity, the discoveries made have given many a second chance to life - especially people with spine-related conditions.


Tuesday, August 8, 2045


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