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CAVEAT: This is a yet to happen REALITY. Reader discretion advised.

Incredible! Nigeria Wins World Cup 2026

Featured Incredible! Nigeria Wins World Cup 2026 Photo Credit:

Monday, July 20, 2026


Nigerians have been in the mood of jubilation, gyration and festivity since the Super Eagles’ victory yesterday at the just concluded New Zealand/Australia 2026 FIFA World Cup.


It was a big surprise to the world that the Eagles ended up winning the tournament despite their discouraging performance in their first two matches.


The 127-minute final match with Argentina was adrenaline-rush pack filled. Some churches rescheduled their afternoon meetings to give members the time to watch the match, while some even made the church premises the viewing/prayer centre for the match.


For Nigerians, it is more than a victory in football. It is the victory of the Nigerian state. 


The emergence of successive altruistic leaders in the country has helped create exceptional psychological and cultural paradigm shifts.


The system now rewards excellence and integrity excellently. So it becomes the in-thing for Nigerians to be diligent, creative and moral. The dire repercussions of being otherwise have become virtually inevitable, hence unattractive.


This new culture has been made to reflect in the nation’s football sector; so much the Nigerian Football Federation (NFF) was last week nominated for Transparency International’s Integrity Award. Players’ selection criteria and procedure have become more systematic and objective; thereby making the selection highly competitive as coaches “squeeze” the best out of the best of players. 


Nigerians are fast learning to “own” their country as “our land, our responsibility.”


According to Prof. Eneramo Uwem, one of world’s best sport psychologists, “As it has been said by many, it is a victory of the Nigerian state. A lot of factors came together to give our boys the winning mentality they displayed there. From self-esteem to personal health, to family success, to proper education and exposure to the right resources, to even the respect the nation is fast earning in the international community….Remember our winning goal scorer, Adebiyi, said he was motivated by an Australian boy who said Nigeria’s discovery on Vitiligo cured him of the disease, and that he needed Nigeria to win so he could once again prove to his friends that Nigeria is the best country in the world?” Such statements are profound!” explained Prof. Uwem.


In accordance with the pledge of the federal government, conditioned upon Super Eagles’ triumph, Nigerians are today enjoying their holidays on what Alibaba called “the most joyous day of Nigeria; more yuletide than Christmas.”




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  • Uche
    Uche Thursday, 09 July 2015 07:04 Comment Link

    I was really glad, I watched every single match!!.

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