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CAVEAT: This is a yet to happen REALITY. Reader discretion advised.

Yuguda's Theft of 22+ Cars for Wives: How it "Happens"

Featured Yuguda's Theft of 22+ Cars for Wives: How it "Happens" Credit:

Saturday, June 20, 2015


The immediate past governor of Bauchi state, Isa Yuguda, was yesterday reported to have stolen over 22 cars belonging to the state government. This was revealed by the chairman of the Transition Committee, Sen. Mohammed Mohammed, who said a total of 22 cars had been recovered from Yuguda’s three wives; and that more are still to be recovered from his fourth wife who is currently outside the country.


It is disgraceful enough that governors in Nigeria steal the people’s monies and resources when and how they like, but for a governor to steal that number of cars and spread them among his wives is perhaps the lowest point of pettiness and imbecility.


Truth is, no governor would ever dare such a despicable thing if not supported, aided, praised or condoned by (some) citizens. Does this mean Nigerians are naturally corrupt? Maybe, maybe not. 


Asking the question of whether Nigerians aid corruption in government or governments made incorruptibility impracticable for Nigerians is paradoxical. Empirical findings, however, have proven that societal influence is stronger than genetic impact. Therefore, corruption could be dealt with if the system that rewards corruption and punishes uprightness is checked.


…the 2039 election in Rivers state took a new turn after the favourite candidate, Prince Udoh Alexander was discovered to have been involved in a N250,000 bribery scandal. This led to him losing woefully to the far less popular incumbent governor.


An investigative journalist, Ibrahim Solomon, released a report detailing how Alexander was involved in the bribery of a custom officer to secure the release of his son’s impounded car.


It was no surprise that Rivers state citizens decided against such a popular candidate. The past 2 decades have witnessed the imprisonment of top government officials over seemingly trivial offences. The most phenomenal of them was the sentencing to jail of the former governor of Cross Rivers states for syphoning N200,000 meant for tissue papers. Such moves are said to be responsible for creating a new governmental and societal system with values of accountability and integrity among Nigerians.


It has become almost impossible for any candidate with questionable antecedents to emerge winner in any election.




Monday, June 20, 2039


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