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CAVEAT: This is a yet to happen REALITY. Reader discretion advised.

Police Reform Part 3: NPF, The Pride of Africa

Featured Police Reform Part 3: NPF, The Pride of Africa Photo Credit:

Thursday, July 21, 2050




The image of policing as it is today in Nigeria cannot be separated from the police reforms that started in 2025. In one day, the government sacked all officers of the Nigeria Police Force (NPF). Before then, the Nigeria police was globally renowned for corruption. It was so bad the number one position of the most corrupt agencies of the government was its regular annual achievement. 


To the amazement of many, there were no protest or violence in any part of the country until after a month of the mass sack. Though some Nigerians were not comfortable with President Akran’s move, many supported it because of the president’s past achievements and reputation of integrity. 


Before the mass sack, the government was investing massively in the erection of CCTVs across the nation. These and many other technological facilities procured that time became the major operational tools for the new recruits who immediately replaced the dismissed officers. As it was noted by the CIA, and proven by results delivered, these new set of officers got one of the best recruit trainings in the whole world. Led by the few-in-number prestigious DAR (Dismissed and Reabsorbed) officers, the new crop of Nigerian policemen introduced technology and community policing as the bedrock of their operations.


Owing to its largely non-lethal approach to policing, the NPF now ranks fifth most citizens-friendly in the world, and first in Africa - according to Human Rights Watch. In the same vein, the NPF ranks tenth most effective police organization in the world, and first in Africa.


It is now a thing of pride to be in the NPF. The image is now synonymous with mental alertness and proficiency, rather than a mere arrogant gait of a zombie with AK47 riffle - as it used to be. 


In a brief interview with Nigeria Tomorrow News, the current Commissioner of Police, Oyo state, who was only 15 years old (now 40 years) at the start of the police reforms said “Even as kids, we believed the police were the bad guys. They were fierce and intimidating; always asking my father for brides. Truth be told, I hated the police. Today’s children do not understand the gravity of the work past leaders have done for them. I couldn’t have imagined myself being a policeman. But I must say, I am happy I joined the police to support the reforms. This is the most honourable discipline on earth.”


It is also very lucrative to be a police officer. A 26-year old Inspector of Police told Nigeria Tomorrow News that he is among the highest paid of the people he graduated with. “I don’t ever have to think of what my family will eat. We conveniently go on holidays at least two times a year. Likewise, my wife is a manager in the electricity sector. When I speak with any of our DAR officers, am shocked at the kind of things I hear; the kind of reputation they had; and their living condition. It gives me resilience to want to continue to make the NPF an envy of the rest of the world. I feel fulfilled; and of a truth, I am wealthy,” said the young hero.




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