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CAVEAT: This is a yet to happen REALITY. Reader discretion advised.

Police Reform Part 2: Aftermath of Downright Sack of Police Officers

Featured Police Reform Part 2: Aftermath of Downright Sack of Police Officers

Thursday, November 13, 2025




Exactly five months ago, 12th of June, 2025, the Nigerian president announced the dismissal of all officers of the Nigeria Police Force (NPF) . The action, which was swiftly welcome with criticism from many quarters, has completely changed the culture and image of policing in Nigeria.


There have been at least five different incidents of violence or armed robbery perpetrated by some dismissed policemen who used weapons they had stolen while in service. These incidents have resulted in protests by the opposition and have given them more justifications for their call for the reversal of the mass sack. The government however continues to defend its move by arguing that every single attack has culminated in the arrest of at least 50 potential future attackers.


Incidents of crime, according to a recent online survey by NOIPolls, involving respondents from all the states of the federation, revealed that 90% of Nigerians assertively say crime has fallen by at least 60% since the mass sack of the officers. This sharp drop has also given credibility to the notion that most crimes were directly or indirectly committed by officers of the NPF.


Experts have noted that the government always use attacks from any of the dismissed officers as an opportunity to arrest many others and prosecute them. The advantage of this is that some of the dismissed officers who cannot risk being jailed continue to mount pressure on those who are determined to wage war against the government; and are providing useful intelligence reports to the police. 


Of all 301,523 sacked, 30,151 have been reabsorbed and sent for adequate trainings. Most of them now occupy posts higher than the ones they occupied before their dismissal. The initial dismissal have also been converted into leaves for them and their arrears fully paid. As one would expect, their wealth of experience have been of great value to the NPF.


The Inspector-General of Police, Agabi Romili, 49, said it is the best thing that had ever happened to the Nigeria Police since its creation. “I always wished for that to happen and it did happen in my life time. It is something I will always be thankful to God and the president for. We have recorded successes we have not been able to record in our 65 years of independence in just a few months. Now, our men carry themselves with honour in their uniforms. Our officers now have more confidence to speak outside. It wasn’t like that before and it was a major source of worry to us.


“We have come a long way. We have fought the good fight against corruption in the Nigeria Police, and I must say, we have won the race; and we are still winning,” said Romili, who is fondly called “The Genius.” 



 To be continued...


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