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CAVEAT: This is a yet to happen REALITY. Reader discretion advised.

Why Nigeria Military Do Not Get Much Applaud for Saving 687 Females in 4 Days

Featured Why Nigeria Military Do Not Get Much Applaud for Saving 687 Females in 4 Days Credit:

Saturday, May 2, 20..




Nigerian troops on Tuesday, April 28, rescued 293 girls and women from the hands of Boko Haram insurgents. Later on Thursday, additional 160 were rescued. Yet again on Friday, the defence headquarters announced the rescue of another 234 women and girls from Sambisa forest. These series of “daring and precise” operations have seen many of Boko Haram stronghold camps destroyed. However, not much appreciation has been given the military for these achievements.


The military has severally failed the nation over the years; and this explains why many are not appreciative of these achievements. Some call it “medicine after death.” And that, understandably so. 


Nonetheless, one would have expected the “Bring Back Our Girls” crusaders, who have shown concern for the plight of girls in the hands of Boko Haram, to rejoice over the release of these girls and women, but no…


While it true that the military - as represented and influenced by its leadership - has truly not lived up to it expectations, one must not forget that there are hundreds of truly gallant soldiers - fathers, sons, daughters, mothers - who have lost their lives to Boko Haram that we may live in a sovereign society.


The problems in the military can be blamed largely on (majority of) its leaders. Like every other area of our nationhood, corruption stinks in the military. From operation report sabotage, to non-payment of allowances, to embezzlement of funds meant for purchase of bullets, the leadership at all levels - past and present - has done a lot of damage to the professionalism and image of Nigeria military.


...IN October 2019, a former military espionage released chains of classified information exposing the stench of rot in the military - with evidences and names of officers involved. It has since become known that the rot in the system was even worse than that of NNPC exposed by the PWC audit report of 2015.


Of note was the $25B ammunition scandal “directly” involving 6 officers from the rank of major-general to general, and 2 ex-presidents. This led to the officer’s summary dismissal, with criminal cases to defend in the court - alongside their ex-president rogues.


The destructive culture of tribalism and nepotism in the military has also been dealt a big blow. A major stride was achieved with the deployment of a simulating software that does an automatic analysis of the chances of tribalism and nepotism involved in any officer’s action - especially ones relating to recruitment, promotion and posting. When the probability and impact percentage is considered high, the officer’s action is flagged for enquiry. It is a repository management information system to which many officers can be logged on real time; and therefore has reduced chances of manipulation.


The glory of our military is gradually been restored as it is fast becoming a proof of honour and integrity to be enlisted in the military - whether as a combatant or as an officer.




Saturday, May 2, 2020


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