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CAVEAT: This is a yet to happen REALITY. Reader discretion advised.

Shocking! Nigeria President Orders Downright Sack of Police Officers

Featured Shocking! Nigeria President Orders Downright Sack of Police Officers

Thursday, June 12, 2025




Nigerians were put in a temporary state of shock this morning when, in a daring move by their president, all officers of the Nigeria Police Force (NPF) were sacked. 


The news, which came at exactly 8:15am in a national broadcast by the president, was received by Nigerians with mixed feelings.This is because, having taken many risky decisions in the past which ended up been greatly beneficial to the nation, the president has won the heart of many. But having to sack all policemen in the country all at once may be a risk too risky for the nation.


In the broadcast, the president explained that “The problems in our police are systemic and too delicate to be tolerated for too long. We cannot discourage crimes when, according to our last survey, 82% of policemen are corrupt. Yes, the nation has made improvements over the past twenty years when the figure was a disgraceful 97%.


“We are ready to absorb officers with impeccable characters back into the force. We encourage such persons to reapply. We would carry out proper and detailed due diligence to ascertain their eligibility. Then they would be gloriously and honorably absorbed back, and hugely compensated. Please be warned, anyone who is not certain of his or her non-corruptness should not bother to reapply as this may fetch such a person prison terms he or she could have avoided.”


Just last month, the federal government concluded a three-month long biometric verification exercise in all police stations across the country. During the exercise, all policemen were handed brand new and more sophisticated weapons, and the old weapons were retrieved from them. The question on the lips of most Nigerians now is, “after giving the officers new sophisticated weapons, is it wise to sack all of them at once?” But as always, the president had a game plan up his sleeve. 


Nigeria Tomorrow News gathered that the new weapons - which use special bullets - were programmed to stop discharging at exactly 8:00 am this morning. A number of the sacked policemen have tried to use them in anger, but the weapons would not respond. Twenty-four of such officers have so far been arrested.  


The federal government’s strategy was elaborated upon in a telephone interview with the Minister of Police Affairs, Mrs Bridget Alkali.


According to her; “They cannot use the guns. They have been programmed. As I speak to you, each station is been manned by soldiers and at least two new recruits - as you must have seen for yourself. This whole thing was well-planned. All the surveillance cameras we have been erecting since are not for decoration. The cameras cover over 70% of the nation. Of the places covered, all “highly crime-prone” locations, which are only 50% of the 70%, are covered. As you yourself have confirmed, the military is working with us closely on this. This is 8 hours after the president made the announcement and we have not recorded even one casualty. That is phenomenal. Look, this operation is already successful; but we will not rest on our oars,” she stated. 


A total of 301, 523 of the NPF officers were sacked. A total of 55, 719 new recruits who, according to an AU report, are some of the best trained policemen in the world, and who were dispatched early hours of today, are temporarily holding forth.




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