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CAVEAT: This is a yet to happen REALITY. Reader discretion advised.

BURSTED!!! DPO, Mistress Jailed over Harassment of Mistress' Neighbour

Featured BURSTED!!! DPO, Mistress Jailed over Harassment of Mistress' Neighbour

Friday, May 21, 2021




The Nigeria Police Force has, since the past two weeks, earned the commendation of Nigerians after releasing a short video clip of the arrest of some mobile police officers by another squad of police officers on patrol.


The arrest was discretionally ordered by the head of the patrol team, Sergeant Beko Nnamdi, despite suspecting the mobile police officers might have been on a mission ordered by his own superior officer. During questioning, the mobile policemen confirmed Sergeant Nnamdi’s suspicion that they were on the order of the Divisional Police Officer, DPO Layi Dada. In spite of this revelation, he carried out the arrest.


The squad arrested were found harassing and intimidating a neighbour of a mistress to the DPO. The attention of the patrol team was called to the scene by how heavily armed the mobile police men were. “One would think they were on a rescue mission involving a governor” said Sergeant Nnamdi.


According to the accounts of residents, Ms Ebun, a 38-year old single mother of one, laid claim to a particular part of the compound’s parking spaces, a claim unacceptable by one of her neighbours, Kunle - despite the sycophancy of most other neighbours. On Friday, May 7, Kunle chose to park in her spot since there was nowhere else to park. 


Immediately, Ebun rushed out to demand that Kunle remove his car from her spot. While Kunle was trying to prove to her that he had as much right to the spot, Ebun pulled out an iron rod and smashed Kunle’s car. The gentle man left the scene immediately after this violent act.


Next morning, and in a dubious turn, Ebun called her DPO lover, Layi Dada, husband, and father of 5, to help her “deal” with her neighbor whom she falsely claimed was about to attack her. She equally denied ever smashing Kunle’s car.


It was while “Dada’s boys” (six) were on this Jack Bauer mission that Sergeant Beko Nnamdi’s squad apprehended them.


Such police harassments had become tradition in Nigeria since colonial days up until early 2020s when the police reforms that saw all police officers sacked started (news still to come.)



In what could be said to be a victory for Nigeria, an Ikeja High Court today sentenced Mr. Layi Dada and his mistress, Ebun to fifteen and two years in prison with no option of parole. The six policemen also bagged fifteen years each in prison for their role in the criminal act. 




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