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CAVEAT: This is a yet to happen REALITY. Reader discretion advised.

Nigeria Wins Scrabble Championship Third Time in a Row

Featured Nigeria Wins Scrabble Championship Third Time in a Row

Friday, October 6, 2028



Just thirty minutes ago, Nigeria again clinched the world number one position in the game of Scrabble, third time in a row, in the just concluded global Scrabble Champions Tournament held in Uyo, Nigeria.


The tournament had a total of 110 contestants from across the world competing for the prestigious number one position.


The Nigerian duo of Gora Suleiman and Adedayo Olaolu literarily left spectators jaw-dropping with their display of tactical dexterity and brilliant word construction.


In a battle that lasted almost an hour with a former world champion, Craig Beevers (2014), Gora Suleiman came out victorious with a cumulative spread of +1819. He won 34 games out of 36 in the tournament.


He played bingo (use of all tiles in a turn to earn 50 bonus points) an amazing four times against Nigel Richards – the most decorated scrabble player in the world - in the semi-final of the competition.


Thanks to the national sports ministry’s reform of 2020 that saw the few corrupt individuals in the game to the prison, Nigeria Scrabble tournaments, as was predicted by experts, now rate the most competitive in the world - the most prestigious of them being Godswill Akpabio International Classics.


Following this win, Suleiman unarguably becomes the best Scrabble player ever in history. He now rates a massive 2443 ahead of Craig Beevers’ 2250.


Adedayo Olaolu is yet another Nigerian player to watch out for. He is renowned for making lots of points and losing fewer points than nearly every player in a game. He is such a genius that his being on number 2 position this year is simply because another genius is around in his time – just like the Ronaldo-Messi reign of over a decade ago.


Like Suleiman, his peak rating is also higher than that of Quackle, the powerful artificial intelligence Scrabble player. His average game score last year of 463 to 401 was better than that of Suleiman, who had 450 to 398. 


The dominance of Nigerian players in the world is a result of well executed plans that started decades ago. This is according to Mr Seun Abuleme, a former President of the Nigeria Scrabble Federation. He said “This is what we foresaw some years back. Though we took the world by surprise; but to us, it didn’t come as a surprise. We worked for it. Our men and women worked hard for this. And God is crowning our efforts.”


With this alarming records, Nigerians can be rest assured that the number one position will stay here longer than the world had envisaged.



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