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CAVEAT: This is a yet to happen REALITY. Reader discretion advised.

Valentine: Telco Big Boy Damns Reproach, Takes Office Assistant Out on a Date

Featured Valentine: Telco Big Boy Damns Reproach, Takes Office Assistant Out on a Date Credit:

February 16, 20..




Saturday’s Valentine celebration was generally less fun compared to recent past celebrations. Despite this low key celebration, this Valentine’s Day recorded some wow happenings. Nigeria Tomorrow News bumped into one of such phenomenal happenings at Rodizzio Bar, Ikeja GRA, Lagos.


In what was similar to the story of the UNILAG damsel who shocked a bus conductor with a passionate kiss on alighting from his bus, a young man George, 28, a manager with one of the leading telecoms companies, chose to celebrate his Valentine with his office assistant.


Gladys, 24, was shocked to receive loads of expensive gifts from her “high-up, always serious” boss by 8:00 am. With the gifts came a note asking for a full day hang out with her - from brunch, to cinema, to car racing, to dinner at a life band spot in Ikeja GRA (where the duo were spotted).


George said “I’ve always watched her and liked the stylish and yet respectful way she carries herself but I’ve been too ashamed to ask her out. I just decided to summon up courage this time. 


“I thought I knew her before, but men, I didn’t. The kinds and quantity of books she has read, I’ve not even read myself. I’d always known she juggles her job with her part time degree at LASU but I never knew she was this intelligent. I’m so proud of her now, I could get to my office and scream ‘Gladys is my girlfriend!” But really, I’m hoping she quits the job so things could be easy for us. I’m willing to support her, but I don’t want her to feel indebted to me in any way; so, I’d rather help her get another job - better one.”


According to Gladys, “Well, I knew all the while that he’s been hitting on me but he felt somewhat uncomfortable. Sometimes I also feel he’s just one of those men. Well, I decided to give it a short. And really it’s been fun.”


When asked if she likes him too, she confessed “I’ve always liked him too. All the ladies in the office like him. But, you know now….He asked for a relationship already, but hmmm, I need to take my time; not when the whole thing is making me high like this. But it’s really been my best, most romantic Valentine ever.”


…eight years later, Nigerian men have been judged most romantic and biggest Valentine spenders.


One would think these men were no spenders on Valentine’s Day; but no, these egotistic magas would rant and rant over the social media but still go ahead to treat their women right.


According to Bisi Tambo, 38, a relationship expert with decades of Valentine experience, “It was not that our men didn’t like to show us love, but since the economic power wasn’t there, they would rather use ogboju (blackmail) to manage the situation. This year’s celebration was generally awesome. I guess we too have become smarter, more creative and less stingy by stopping the funny idea of giving our men singlet and boxers. The mummy part of us sometimes makes us feel we know what our men need rather than asking them for what they want. Men too like being appreciated, even though their ego do not allow them to say it out most of the time,” said Mrs. Bisi Tambo.




Thursday, February 16, 2023


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