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CAVEAT: This is a yet to happen REALITY. Reader discretion advised.

Amber Rose Bows to Seyi Shay, Kaffy, others

Featured Amber Rose and Dbanj in Lagos Credit: Amber Rose and Dbanj in Lagos

February 7, 20..




America’s popular hip hop artist and model, Amber Rose, visited Nigeria last weekend to host Dbanj’s 10th anniversary party, but got more than she bargained for. She was so completely mesmerized by the dancing skills of Nigerian girls she became really intimidated. She made this confession on her Twitter page, where she wrote “Dancing with Girls from Nigeria made me realize I really suck at dancing,”


Her view further accentuate the notion that the Nigerian dance industry is gaining prominence. Having been exposed to the dance styles of the west, Nigerian professional dancers have been able to created hybrids of dance steps in addition to the their rich local dance styles; and this gives them an edge in the global community.


The admiration Nigerian dancers enjoy outside the shores of the country are unknown to many Nigerians. While it is true that European and American dancers are very good at choreography, Nigerian dancers are one of the most creative in the world. They are never afraid to veer into any type of dance; and as such, they create different shades of dance that even the original owners are intrigued by.


Most Nigerian dancers take dance as an art that it is, and therefore apply less formalities and regimentations in their executions. Ironically, this is where their strength truly lies. 


…2024…over the years, the Nigerian dance industry has been able to marry the good in its “unique creativity” with some more discipline needed to deliver close-to-perfection dance displays. Between 1990s and 2015, the industry produced many talented dancers, who, though had less best practice skills, were very versatile. Their versatility, flexibility and creativity began to pay off when the industry began to witness higher level of professionalism prompted by the global reputation it earned from the 2018 Rihanna’s video shot in Surulere, Lagos.


Nigeria dance groups have since been making the nation proud - locally and internationally. The VIBE Dance Competition, 2019 was won by the dance video from R-Crew; Dance New York, 2021 had Xplicit emerge as the first runner-up; and even our own Wajo Dance Competition 2023, despite featuring renowned dance groups like Jabbawockeez and Poreotics had S.O.D emerge as the winner.


Kaffy, a veteran dancer cum instructor, projected, in 2015 that Nigerian dancers would rule the showbiz industry. Nine years later, Kaffy’s words have become the reality.




Wednesday, February 7, 2024


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