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CAVEAT: This is a yet to happen REALITY. Reader discretion advised.

A Review Of The Presidential Flag-off Campaigns

Presidential Rally, 2023 Presidential Rally, 2023

Saturday, January 14, 2023,

Earlier in the week, the two most popular presidential aspirants held their flag-off campaign rallies in Lagos and Port Harcourt. Never before in the history of Nigeria have such campaign rallies been filled with so much enthusiasm as did these two rallies. It is remarkable that the rallies were both largely issue-based, and less of name callings.

At his own rally on Tuesday, the incumbent president, Yaya Eze, described the achievement of his government in the area of agriculture and job creation as “absolutely unprecedented.” “Gone were the days when we were struggling to convince Nigerians of what we have achieved. They are not pins; they are glaring for all to see. We did not abandon you when we were doing all of them, so we could come back here to deceive you. No, we carried you along. So, now that we are coming back to ask for your support again, we are only reminding you of the facts you already know.

“It is big grammar telling you that food prices have reduced by 20% over the last four years. It is something you don’t need to be told. Every day, I receive messages from, at least, five people telling me they were able to go to bed with food in their stomach because of our people-focused agricultural scheme. We do not forget for a minute that we are in government because of you and for you. We are nothing without your support. All I ask is for you to give us your support again and we will do even better,” he said.

He further added “As you all know, job opportunities created in the last four years are over 3 million. Micro, small and medium business owners now have access to loans like never before in Nigeria, and this is a result of our economic reform programmes and also the obvious improvement we have experienced in our power sector. This is not merely a matter of telling you we have increased our power generation by 2,500MW; did you have more light or not?!

“We strongly believe in investing in the future of Nigeria and that is why we are rebuilding our education system. In this year’s budget, education had 21%, and next year, it is going to be 23%,” said the president.  

Whereas, on Thursday, January 12, the candidate of AGL, Okechukwu Aina, strategically took the audience through his manifesto in as little time as 5 minutes, and the crowd went boisterous.

He said “Our agenda is simple. We put you, the people first. And that is why our slogan is ‘The People First.’ When Nigerians still go about their daily activities hungry, then where is the development? Our agricultural strategy which we have communicated to you through various media and which has been proven to be viable by experts will bring poverty rate to as low as 12% in the next four years. This is no rocket science, we have arable lands and we don’t use them to farm. As you know, our Innovation Support Programme has produced three different companies engaged in end-to-end production of farm machines. So, even without been in government, we have succeeded in bringing the cost of tractors to as low as N1.1M from about N2M. If we were not serious about developing this nation, we would have folded our arms and continued criticizing the government in power. But no! We will not heat up the polity only because we want your votes by all means; and we sure will not fold our arms watching this government wasting our resources.

"In the area of employment, we will not start another vicious cycle of slavery all in the name of creating employment. Our labour laws are specific about how a worker should be treated by his/her employer. Don’t let anyone deceive you. It is possible to create jobs without turning Nigerians into slaves. We will not take you back to the era of colonial masters. We will not use you as baits for business owners to make crazy profits. You deserve to work in a good environment, to have health insurance, to work for specific number of hours or get overtime allowance. And the good thing is, when all these things are in place, you are happy, and even the employer makes more money on the long run; and more jobs are created.”

With the vibrancy of both party’s candidate, most Nigerians have become even more confused in deciding who to vote for. All fingers are crossed in anticipation of the second round of live debate between these two eloquent and intelligent leaders.

These, according to experts, could be one of the most contested elections in contemporary human history.


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    A Review Of The Presidential Flag-off Campaigns

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