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CAVEAT: This is a yet to happen REALITY. Reader discretion advised.

32 Institutions' Staff Owed by States; Oyo Gov. Cancels Technology Summit

Featured 32 Institutions' Staff Owed by States; Oyo Gov. Cancels Technology Summit Photo Credit:

Saturday, August 8, 2015


No fewer than thirty-two state-owned higher institutions are being owed salaries of between four and twenty-three months by state governments.



As expected, the quantity and quality of the unexceptional services the lecturers have left to offer have further dropped in all these institutions. Lecturers are threatening to “down their weak tools,” just as prospective students are struggling to get admitted.


The staff of Akwa Ibom State University are currently being owed 13 months salaries. This is the same Akwa Ibom state where the former governor spent billions of Naira building a stadium that is not being put to good use, but already deteriorating. Why put generations unborn into debt whilst destroying the future of the present?


Governments get away with such moves because the citizens – as a result of the deliberate destruction of education by past leaders, and survival mentality – have been made short-sighted. The misplaced priorities syndrome is been suffered by both the elected officials and the governed. Citizens often subconsciously judge a governor’s performance by the infrastructures his government is able to build, without paying much attention to the government’s impact on education, agriculture and citizens reorientation.


…August 2026: The initially well-received plan of Governor Adetiba of Oyo to host an Information Technology summit was scuttled by a question from a 14-year-old S.S.S. 2 Rasheed Alarape.


In a “strategic session” with the best senior secondary school students from the 33 local government areas of the state, Rasheed Alarape asked the governor if the investment estimated to be gotten from world technology giants (Microsoft, Apple, Twitter etc) would be worth 1,000 times the value of the innovations that originate from the state. As Governor Adetiba was trying to give explanations, the confident Rasheed, cut in to advise the governor “If it is not up to 1,000 times, please let’s wait a little more sir.” The session ended with the governor assuring the students of the best decision.


Rasheed Alarape’s comment led to further scrutiny of the governor’s decision by Nigerians and different bodies. One week later, the board of the Nigerian Academy of Science (NAS) met with the governor to support Alarape’s stand.


They argued that though the world giants have beamed their investment lights on Oyo state, it was still early to “sell out” the innovations. This, they said would discourage the “trend of healthy competition” in the state and could stiffen the creativity of the students.


According to NAS Spokesperson, Dr Abigael Sambo, “We believe our local philanthropists, investors; and grants are still very much able to support these young innovators’ Research and Development. When the inventions are ripe enough and have gone through rigorous tests, the Microsofts and Apples would have no choice but to invest or risk further competition – which may even come from one of these young minds.”


One month after, Governor Adetiba changed his mind. In his address, he said “As laudable as this idea is, I have come to agree that it might not be the best for us now. Yes, going on with it would drop unemployment in our state by at least 50% the next 2 years, but why should we go back to the days of selling our crude oil for finished products?


I can assure you that we have initiated further analysis of an already available plan to secure the 50% unemployment drop in two years.


I am convinced that our inventions cannot become obsolete. But if they do, we will invent new ideas. We are the pace setters state. We set the pace of greatness. That is who we are!”



Saturday, August 8, 2026


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