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CAVEAT: This is a yet to happen REALITY. Reader discretion advised.

Fuel Price Hike: What's Different This Time?

Featured Fuel Price Hike: What's Different This Time? Photo Credit:

Now that the government has (partly) deregulated the downstream petroleum sector, Nigerians have been left to suffer more as petrol sells for N145/litre. Prices of commodities have begun to shoot up as a result of this.


In a write up posted on his Facebook page, Vice President Yemi Osinbajo argued that it was really not a case of subsidy removal, but of exchange rate: “First, the real issue is not a removal of subsidy. At $40 a barrel there isn’t much of a subsidy to remove,” wrote Prof. Osinbajo. Does this mean bearing the cost of subsidy is no more an issue for the federal government?


The vice president further affirmed “This is therefore not a subsidy removal issue but a foreign exchange problem, in the face of dwindling earnings.” So what is the point His Excellency is making? Was the subsidy removed or not? What is the value of the subsidy, if there is? Is there no subsidy like General Buhari once said? If you have not removed subsidy, do you plan on removing it? What would be the prices of the ones refined in Nigeria? Since Obasanjo’s administration, Nigerians had not been this insulted by politicians. Why give citizens half-baked reports as if you do not owe them accountability? Sending out information like this is also causing disunity in the nation. The people who haven’t recovered from the election propaganda manipulations have found “it’s foreign exchange, not subsidy removal” as another argument to insult their perceived opponents. Is this yet another divide-and-rule tactic from the APC?


While APC can be commended for being effective in communication to win votes, same cannot be said of the party concerning communication to impact national development. President Buhari now only talks to foreign media or grant live interview from China to Karama Radio Station, Kaduna in Hausa language…


If this government were wise or sensitive enough, it would have invested more of its resources into eliminating the instituted bottlenecks and culture of bribery around running businesses – especially export-oriented ones. (Even with the poor infrastructure, some Nigerians are still making good profits from exports.) For instance, instead of being positive service providers, Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC), and National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) have made themselves the clog in the wheel of progress of many young entrepreneurs. NAFDAC currently ranks as one of the most corrupt organizations in Nigeria!


If government-induced obstacles had been dealt with by President Buhari, Nigerians would have been using their resilient spirit to create more wealth for themselves (and save for raining days), through local and international trades; and even boost that low CBN foreign exchange the government is giving as the reason for deregulation – or whatever this is called. Unfortunately, bias anti-corruption campaign and unwise suggestions of importing GRASSES for cattle are more important to the administration.


President Jonathan’s decision to remove subsidy in 2012 failed for two major reasons: untrustworthiness and poor communication. Comparing that administration to the current, propaganda apart, this administration is not any better.


It is no news that the administration has gone back on almost all promises made during campaigns. It has become so bad that APC now has an alias of All Promises Cancelled (APC). From N45/litre of fuel, to N5,000 for unemployed youths, to one meal a day for pupils, to 3 million jobs, to eradication of Boko Haram in few months, promises have not only been unfulfilled, but denied. Citizens have been told to pay more for electricity to get more power supply, yet it seems we are paying for darkness rather than light.


This price of petrol, therefore, should be reversed by the government until it is able convince the masses with a realistic plan and provide palliative measures to help the already suffering masses cushion the effect of the hike.


It is understandable that the wicked leaders Nigeria has had for decades have deliberately destroyed our education - which is one major reason a whole nation could have been deceived by APC and President Buhari. However, it is high time we came back to our common senses. So, going forward, we should never again allow our emotions to determine who we vote for. Desperate need for change and distrust for an administration are not good enough reasons to vote in bigots and liars. So, next time, just VOTE OUT these APC and PDP altogether. They are both good for nothing!


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