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CAVEAT: This is a yet to happen REALITY. Reader discretion advised.

The Spate of Kidnapping and the Role of Government

Featured The Spate of Kidnapping and the Role of Government Credit:

April 25, 20..




The spate of kidnaps for ransom or rituals have become alarming in the country. Just few weeks ago, the news of the Orekoya boys was all over the social and mainstream media. Luckily, the boys were later found alive. In December 2014, the Audus in Kabayi, Nasarawwa, were not that lucky when 3 of their 4 children had already been butchered before they could locate the abductors’ den. Mrs Audu collapsed and died on the spot.


Findings have revealed that cases of kidnaps are highly recurrent but only few of them get reported in the media. The frequency of kidnapping is alarming in the real sense of the word “alarming”!


Due to its quick-money nature, many professional armed robbers have dropped their old trade for the more lucrative business of kidnapping.


While it is logical to sometimes blame parents for their negligence in cases of kidnapping, it would also be fair to consider the challenges of keeping one’s head above water in today’s economy.


What is the role of government in this? Are parents responsible for the erection of surveillance cameras on our roads? Are they responsible for making sure they work 8am to 5pm without being “forced” to work from 7:00am to 9:30pm.? Are they responsible for the establishment of better transportation system to reduce their daily travel times?


…the second quarter of 2018 witnessed one of the most people-oriented actions of a Nigerian government. This was when it started to take legislative and executive actions to enforce the maximum of 40 hours per week working hours rule for all categories of workers. The scape goat CEO of one of Nigeria’s banks popular for “using its workers like slaves” landed himself in prison over the flouting of the law. Nigerians now have the right to work only 8 hours daily, and the liberty to choose to work overtime - to earn triple their hourly rate.


Consequently, parents now spend quality time with their children. Because of the flexible work hours, coupled with better transportation system, some parent prefer to work 7am to 4pm in order to pick their kids in school on their way home from work. Hence, the need for stay-home nannies has reduced drastically.


A small tracking device attachable to the hair, buttons or phones are now being used by some parents when they have reasons to leave their children with nannies or house helps they do not absolutely trust. 


Parental negligence is also been treated with stricter penalties. At least 10 parents have been convicted of parental negligence in the last 2 months, and have temporarily lost custody of their children.




Sunday, April 25, 2021


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