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CAVEAT: This is a yet to happen REALITY. Reader discretion advised.

Chukwudi Electronics Launches New Brand of Computer

Featured Chukwudi Electronics Launches New Brand of Computer

Saturday, July 21, 2040




Again, one of Nigeria’s leading electronics companies, Chukwudi Electronics, has raised the bars in technology when it, yesterday, launched a new brand of computer. This came barely two months after Ogbonna Group launched a robotic writing pad that took technology to yet another pinnacle in history.


The launch which held at Okechukwu Amadi Conference Centre, Onitcha, was graced with the presence of President Debola Olukoya and the governors of Anambra, Enugu, Ondo and Borno states.


The new computer, named HaloX, comes with in-built high security capacity. According to the CEO of Chukwudi Electronics, Dr Nnamdi Chukwudi, the goal of the HaloX project “from inception has been to create a very secure brand of computer with powerful firewalls for our consumers. The internet and several intranets have, over the years, turned to a place where governments, organizations and individuals spy on unsuspecting or helpless users….We have subjected HaloX to numerous tests across the world and it has recorded 100% success.”


Apart from the strong firewalls that protects the computer on a network, HaloX also protects itself against access by unwanted persons by sensing body scents and scanning the image of a prospective user - regardless of the position of the person. In a situation where two or more persons are positioned before - or even behind - the computer, HaloX collects and assesses the body scent of the person(s) typing in the password. Hence, the focal point of the scent and image scanners moves on the person attempting to use the computer, no matter where they are positioned.


Like some other brands of computer, HaloX also has in-built robotic functions. Of note is its ability to interact in Nigerian English accent, Pidgin English, Igbo, Ebira, and specifically, the diction of its owner.


Also built into the computer is a green box - a space in which all documents on the computer are automatically saved and that can withstand extreme temperatures of -30°C and 175°C. The technology is similar to that of the aircraft black box.


As admitted by the company, the firewall could be cracked; but so far HaloX users install the free monthly update, their computers are 99.9997% secure. In accordance with the Privacy Treaty of Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), internet giants like Google who are often accused of cyber-spying (which HaloX bars) are obliged to provide access to computer systems like HaloX. 


HaloX is the first of its kind - been made available to the mass market. 


It is noteworthy that the HaloX project was birthed in 2030 by Nnamdi Chukwudi who at the time was a part three Electrical and Electronics student at Institute of Management and Technology, IMT, Enugu. He was challenge-inspired to start the project after his lecturer affirmed that nothing could be protected so far it was on a computer.


He founded Chukwudi Electronics two years later and continued Project HaloX which he had been researching on since 2030. Five years down the line, the company went bankrupt and was N105.2M indebted to Access Bank Plc. At the height of this financial crisis, Chukwudi suffered a “minor” heart attack. His bank, however, later rose to his assistance. 


The Anambra-born innovator would not leave the hospital bed before picking up his HaloX Project files to continue pursuing his dream. Only two months after leaving the hospital, his final eureka moment came. And two years after, he launches HaloX.


Today, Nigeria has, at least, 40 patents in electronics - two out of which are owned by Chukwudi Electronics.




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