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CAVEAT: This is a yet to happen REALITY. Reader discretion advised.

Fela Durotoye's GEMSTONE Celebrates Actualization of Vision 2025

Fela Durotoye's GEMSTONE Celebrates Actualization of Vision 2025 Photo Credit:

Thursday, January 1, 2026

Vision, they say, is the seed for tomorrow’s forest. But when it is almost choked to death even before it is cast, its chances of growth, let alone multiplication, appear really dim. 
This was the case in 2005, when Fela Durotoye first revealed he had a vision that Nigeria would become world’s most desirable nation come 2025. For many - including some Durotoye’s followers, the vision was nothing more than fantasy.
As planned 20 years ago, Fela Durotoye, his GEMSTONE team and followers gathered yesterday, December 31, 2025 to do an appraisal of his 2025 Vision. 
For over 10 years, nothing “obviously cogent” happened to show that this vision would be a reality. Durotoye himself might have had some doubts at some points.
However, everything began to “apparently” change when, in late 2016, the government started to invest so heavily in education (including research and development) and to prosecute many corrupt political office holders. At a very fast rate, successes in these two areas began to cause ripple effects in the whole of the Nigerian economy and citizens’ welfare. 
Before long, the power sector began to attract the boom it needed. Power supply increased by 250% within a year. All power plants, as well as all refineries (including the four recently completed) now operate at 100% capacity. It soon became glaring to Nigerians that the problems of the nation are not as complex as they seemed, but political will power is one thing that had been lacking for decades. 
The successes recorded in the area of security - with the complete wipe out of Boko Haram - soon gave drastic rise to foreign direct investments (FDI) in the nation, as well as improve the nation’s tourism appeal. 
In his address, Durotoye acknowledged that though Nigeria still has not maximized her potential, Vision 2025 has become a reality. He said “When we first cast Vision 2025, some thought it was meant to be about the beautiful roads, skyscrapers and traffic lights. But it is far beyond that. It is about Nigerians making Nigeria an indispensable economy and centre to all the regions of the world; a place where people and governments come to for support, inspiration, business and partnership.”

 “Just three years ago - in 2022 - Nigeria rolled out the most effective and complete-cure HIV/AIDs drugs. Scientists from all over the world now come here for research and studies.


“Uyo and Abuja now rank as two of the most beautiful cities in Africa. Tourism revenue increased by 200% between 2014 and 2022,” he enthused. 


Also present at the event was Durotoye’s long-time protégé, Steve Harris. The vibrant and charismatic speaker mount the stage to a standing ovation from his mentor and participants. He said the realization of Vision 2025 was yet another proof to the claim that whatever a man can conceive in his heart, he will definitely achieve. “If God says it, He will definitely bring it to pass. People thought FD [Fela Durotoye] was crazy. Hahahaha isn’t good to be crazy?! If this is what it means to be crazy, I want to be crazy over and over again!” said Harris


Durotoye and his followers have, since August claimed that Vision 2025 had become a reality. This claim was affirmed early December when the World Bank’s and the CIA’s separate reports on world economy recognized Nigeria as the most desirable nation in the world. The reports identified Nigeria’s incredible fast rate of development and her human capital as the major factors attracting people of all races, investors and governments to her territory.


For Durotoye and his GEMSTONE team, there was no sweeter way to celebrate on the eve of a New Year. The event held at the Tafawa Balewa Square, Lagos from the hours of 7pm and 9:30pm, and had an attendance of over 9,000 people - including top government functionaries, led by the Senate President.


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