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About NTNews

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams, said Eleanor Roosevelt. While this is true of individuals, it has equally been proven to be true of a people.

One of the most phenomenal and proven laws of nature is this: what we see, hear and feel consistently shape what we think about, and in turn, what we recreate in our world.

While it is good for us to be informed - auditory and visually, the challenge is that most of the information Nigerians are exposed to are negative. Unfortunately, these information shape our thoughts, thereby making us reproduce our woes – without us suspecting it.

Vision is the single most important element in unlocking the greatness of a nation, and that is what we are here to create together with you. (Simply put, Nigeria has no vision.)

Nigeria Tomorrow News is an innovation of Nigeria Tomorrow Communications and Strategy. Our goal is to create the vision of beautiful, enviable, prosperous, successful, economically viable, socially peaceful, and territorially-secure Nigerians and Nigeria; and to communicate this with you, so it could spur you to see and create positive great visions of Nigeria - just as you are being positively informed or entertained.

Our Vision

To create the beautiful tomorrow of Nigeria.


Our Mission

Using positive imaginations to generate yet-to-happen REALITIES of the beautiful future of Nigerians and Nigeria.

Communicating the yet-to-happen REALITIES with Nigerians for social psychological paradigm shift and ripple effect.

Nurturing the yet-to-happen REALITIES through strategy development and execution.

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